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Epic-W Helium 8k

The next generation of RED will not disappoint. The Epic-W Helium 8k gives incredible low-light performance, has over 16.5 stops of dynamic range and creates stunning, cinematic images. 8k resolution with 35 million pixels gives you total freedom in post-production. Frame rates up to 240fps, wireless control and simultaneous RAW & Prores recording - all inside a tiny, modular lightweight body. 

MōVI M10 & Mimic

The MōVI has fundamentally changed the way we think about camera movement by combining a precise GPS-guided digital stabiliser with remote-head functionality. The camera can be passed between operators, up buildings, on and even off moving vehicles while maintaining a completely smooth shot. The Mimic allows a second operator to control pan, tilt and roll remotely, either by hand-holding the Mimic or by mounting it on a fluid head. Not only does Movi accelerate the on-set work flow but it makes previously unimaginable shots achievable.

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jj splice
56 Buckingham St, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Dog Schidt Optics 58mm

Kino Flo Select 30 - Full RGB

Fiilex Q1000 Fresnel


Unique custom vintage looks:  Re-housed vintage Russian glass with interchangeable rear elements and aperture rings

Full RBG colour control: Bi-colour dimmable LED soft light with programmed Roscoe & Lee colour gels plus 2 million colours.

Powerful, versatile, efficient:  2k equivalent LED bi-colour fresnel lamp with 96+ CRI and 15X magnifying lens.


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